Breed List Services ( If your pet's breed is not listed please give us a call. )

Our services are all inclusive..

Bath and Brush Service: - Shampoo, condition, nail trim, ear cleaning/ear plucking, tooth brushing, brush out, anal gland expression.

Full Groom Service: - Full body haircut, Shampoo, condition, nail trim, ear cleaning/ear plucking, tooth brushing, brush out, anal gland expression.

Puppy Visits: It is our policy that all puppy's have had all of their shots before coming in for grooming (nail trim services included). We will ask that you present vet records upon their first appointment.

Bath and brush
Afghan Bath

Airedale Bath

Akita Bath

Am Eskimo Bath

Am Staffordshire Bath

American Bulldog Bath

Aus Terrier Bath

Australian Shepherd Bath

Basenji Bath

Basset Hound Bath

bath service

Bath service

Beagle Bath

Beard Collie Bath

Bedlington Bath

Belgian Malinois Bath

Belgian Sheepdog Bath

Bernese Bath

Bichon Bath

Border collie Bath

Borzoi Bath

Boston Terrier Bath

Bouvier Bath

Boxer Bath

Briard Bath

Brittany Spaniel Bath

Brussels Griffon Bath

Bull Terrier Bath

Bulldog Bath

Cairn Terrier Bath

Catahoula Bath

Chihuahua Bath

Chinese Crested Bath

Chow Chow Bath

cockapoo bath

Cocker Spaniel Bath

Collie Bath (Lassie)

Corgi Bath

Coton De Tulear Bath

Dachshund Bath

Dalmatian Bath

Dandie Bath

DeerHound Bath

Doberman Bath

Doodle Bath


Fox Terrier Bath

Foxhound Bath

German Shep Bath

Giant Schnauzer Bath

Golden Bath

Great Dane Bath

Great Pyrenees Bath

Greyhound Bath

GSPointer Bath

Havanese Bath

Heeler Bath

Husky Bath

Irish Setter Bath

Jack Russell Bath

Japanese Chin Bath

KC Cavalier Bath

Keeshond Bath

KerryBlue Bath

Labrador Bath

Lakeland Bath

LH Cat Bath

Lhasa Apso Bath

Malamute Bath

Maltese Bath

Maltipoo Bath

MaltiShih Bath

Mastiff Bath

Min Pin Bath

Mini Aussie Bath

Mini Doodle Bath

Mini Poodle Bath

Mini Schnauzer Bath

Mix Breed Lrg Bath

Mix Breed Md Bath

Mix Breed Sm Bath

Morkie Bath

Newfoundland Bath

Norwich Terrier Bath

OE Sheepdog Bath

Papillon Bath

Pekingese Bath

Pitbull Bath

Pomeranian Bath

Portuguese Water Bath

Pug Bath

Rat Terrier Bath

rhodesian ridgeback Bath

Rottweiler Bath

Schipperke Bath

Scottish Terrier Bath

SH Cat Bath

Sharpei Bath

Shetland Sheepdog Bath

Shiba Inu Bath

Shih Tzu Bath

Silky Terrier Bath

Skye Terrier Bath

Spitz Bath

Springer Spaniel Bath

St Bernard Bath

Standard Poodle Bath

Terrier Bath

Tibetan Spaniel Bath

Tibetan Terrier Bath

Toy Poodle Bath

Vizsla Bath

Weimaraner Bath

Westie Bath

Wheaten Bath

Whippet Bath

Yorkie Bath

Full Service Groom
ACD Full Groom

Afghan Groom

Airedale Groom

Akita Groom

Am Eskimo Groom

Aus Terrier Groom

Austalian Shepherd Groom

Basenji Groom

Beard Collie Groom

Bedlington Groom

Belgian Sheepdog Groom

Bernese Groom

Bichon Groom

Border collie Groom

Borzoi Groom

Bouvier Groom

Briard Groom

Brittany Spaniel groom

Brussels Griffon Groom

Cairn Terrier Groom

Chihuahua Groom

Chinese Crested Groom

Chow Chow Groom

cockapoo groom

Cocker Spaniel Groom

Collie Groom (Lassie)

Corgi Groom

Coton De Tulear Groom

Dachshund Groom

Dandie Groom

Doodle Groom


Fox Terrier Groom

German Shep Groom

Giant Schnauzer Groom

Golden Groom

Great Pyrenees Groom

Havanese Groom

Heeler Groom

Husky Groom

Irish Setter Groom

Jack Russell Groom

Japanese Chin Groom

KC.Cavalier Groom

Keeshond Groom

KerryBlue Groom

Labrador Groom

Lakeland Groom

Lhasa Apso Groom

Malamute Groom

Maltese Groom

Maltipoo Groom

MaltiShih groom

Mini Aussie Groom

Mini Doodle Groom

Mini Poodle Groom

Mini Schnauzer Groom

Mix Breed Lrg Groom

Mix Breed M Groom

Mix breed Sm Groom

Morkie Groom

Newfoundland Groom

Norwich Terrier Groom

OE Sheepdog Groom

Papillon Groom

Pekingese Groom

Pomeranian Groom

Poodle Toy Groom

Portuguese Water Groom

Pug Groom

Samoyed Groom

Schipperke Groom

Scottish Terrier Groom

Sharpei Groom

Shetland Sheepdog Groom

Shiba Inu Groom

Shih Tzu Groom

Silky Terrier Groom

Skye Terrier Groom

Spitz Groom

Springer Spaniel Groom

St Bernard Groom

Standard Poodle Groom

Terrier Groom

Tibetan Spaniel Groom

Tibetan Terrier Groom

Westie Groom

Wheaten Groom

Yorkie Groom

Boarding Fee


Ear Clean and Pluck


Nail Painting OWN

Nail Painting salon

Nail Trim

nails,ears,anal glands

Special Handling Fee